Due to the Heartbleed vulnerability I had to recreate all TLS-keys of my server. Since CACert appears to be mostly dead (or dying at least), I am currently on the lookout for a new CA. In the meantime I switched to self-signed certificates for all my services.

The new fingerprints are:

smtp (mail.merovius.de)1F:E5:3F:9D:EE:B4:47:AE:2E:02:D8:2C:1E:2A:6C:FC:D6:62:99:F4
jabber (merovius.de)15:64:29:49:82:0E:8B:76:47:1A:19:5B:98:6F:E4:56:24:D9:69:07

This is of course useless in the general case, but if you already trust my gpg-key, you can use

curl http://blog.merovius.de/2014/04/10/heartbleed-new-certificates.html | gpg

to get this post signed and verified.