tl;dr: Put a terminal with a vim-instance in an i3-scratchpad, combine it with autosave-when-idle and you got the perfect note keeping workflow

There are often occasions where I want to write something down, while not wanting to disturb my thought-process too much or taking too much of an effort. An example for the former would be a short TODO I suddenly remember while doing something more important. As an example for the latter, I keep an “account” for drinks at our local computer club, so that I don’t always have to put single coins into the register, but can just put 20€ or something in and don’t have to worry about it for a while. Combining the scratchpad-window feature of i3 with a little vim-magic makes this effortless enough to be actually preferable to just paying.

First of, you should map a key to scratchpad show in i3, for example I have the following in my config:

bind Mod4+Shift+21 move scratchpad
bind Mod4+21 scratchpad show

I can then just use Mod4+<backtic> to access the scratchpad.

Now, just put a terminal in scratchpad-mode and open .notes in vim in this terminal. By pressing the scratchpad show binding repeatedly, you can send it to the background and bring it to the foreground again.

I have my current “balance” in this notes-file and during the meetings of the computer club leave the cursor on this balance. If I take a drink, I press ^X decreasing my balance by one (every drink is one Euro). If I pay, say 10 Euros into the register, I press 10^A increasing my balance by 10.

This is already much better, but it still has one problem: I better save that file every time I change my balance, else a crash would screw up my accounting. Luckily, vim provides autocommands and has an event for “the user did not type for a while”. This means, that we can automatically save the file if we idled for a few seconds, for example if we send the scratchpad window away. For this, we put the following in our .vimrc:

" Automatically save the file notes when idle
autocmd CursorHold .notes :write

Now adjusting my balance is just a matter of a very short key sequence: <mod4>`<c-x><mod4>`