Between a rock and a crazy place

New PGP Key


Because I recently applied for the position of a Debian maintainer, I finally had to upgrade my PGP Key to a more secure 4096 bit RSA. The new fingerprint is

AF03 1CB8 DFFB 7DC5 E1EE  EB04 A7C9 FF06 3F3D 2E03

I signed the new key with my old key and uploaded it to the keyservers. My old key will be valid for a little longer, so you can still send me encrypted Mails using my old key, but I would ask you to transition as fast as possible to the new one. If the signature with my old key is enough to earn your trust, you can delete the old key and set the new one to trusted (and maybe even sign it again and mail me the signed key or upload it), else you can check the fingerprint in person when we meet next time.